BPP’s Switchboard Solutions for the Solar Farm Market: Solar Ready Switchboards

In the rapidly expanding solar energy sector, efficiency and reliability are key. As a leading custom manufacturer, BPP offers Solar Ready Switchboards tailored for utility-scale developments. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of solar farms, delivering the fastest turnaround times in the renewable energy industry. Whether for utility-owned solar farms or community solar gardens, we ensure safe and efficient energy production, completing projects in weeks rather than months.

Fast Turnaround and Custom Solutions

BPP’s commitment to speed and quality sets us apart. Our built-to-spec solutions are delivered in half the time of traditional factory-direct options. We collaborate closely with solar developers to prioritize the optimal performance and safety of electrical systems, ensuring the success and sustainability of solar projects.

Our switchboards and enclosures are custom-designed to manage and safeguard electrical components in solar installations, where efficiency and reliability are paramount. By considering the total output capacity, topography, and timeline of each project, we guarantee on-schedule completion and top-quality results.

Features and Benefits

BPP’s Solar Ready Switchboards are engineered to meet specific project requirements and adhere to all utility and code regulations. Here are some key features and benefits:

  • Custom Configurations: Engineered-to-order to meet the unique needs of each project.
  • Bus Rating: Maximum main bus rating of 4000A.
  • Voltage Options: Supports voltages up to 600V AC at 2000 amps max, with 500V DC available.
  • Enclosures: Available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R enclosures with durable powder coat paint finish.
  • Safety Features: Optional viewing windows and ground fault protection on all devices if required.
  • Surge Protection: Surge protection devices available to safeguard against electrical spikes.
  • Utility Metering: Equipped with utility metering for accurate monitoring and control.
  • Busway and Closed Couple Connections: Ensures seamless integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Bus Ampacity: Standard bus ampacities based on UL heat test ratings, with a bus density rated at 1000A per square inch.
  • Fully Integrated Components: Includes automatic transfer switches, relay-based auto throw-over schemes, power metering, pringle switch, boltswitch and integrated panel equipment.

Standards and Certifications

BPP’s Solar Ready Switchboards adhere to rigorous standards and certifications to ensure safety and compliance:

  • UL891: Ensures high standards of safety and performance.
  • NEMA 1 / NEMA 3R: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing protection against environmental factors.
  • Seismically Qualified: Designed to withstand seismic events.
  • NFPA 70 (National Electric Code): Complies with national safety standards.

Trusted Components

We use top-quality components from trusted brands such as Siemens, ABB, GE, LS America, Eaton, Schnieder and more. This ensures the reliability and longevity of our switchboards, providing peace of mind to solar developers and operators


Butcher Power Products Solar Ready Switchboards are designed to meet the demands of the growing solar energy market. Our custom, high-quality solutions ensure fast turnaround times, optimal performance, and compliance with all relevant standards and regulations. By choosing BPP, solar developers can be confident in the efficiency, safety, and reliability of their electrical distribution systems, enabling them to focus on producing clean, renewable energy.

For more information on our Solar Ready Switchboards and how we can support your solar farm project, contact BPP today. We don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them, delivering excellence in every project.