UL 891 Low Voltage Switchboards and Switchgea

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Fast and Reliable Power Solutions: Butcher Power Products’ UL 891 Low Voltage Switchboards & Switchgear

At Butcher Power Products (BPP), we specialize in manufacturing UL 891 Low Voltage Switchboards and Switchgear for projects that demand rapid and dependable power solutions. Adhering to the UL 891 standard ensures our switchboards meet stringent safety requirements, offering users peace of mind regarding their reliability and suitability for challenging environments.

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Our UL 891 Low Voltage Switchboards & Switchgear:

  • NEMA 1, NEMA 3R, NEMA 4X configurations, supporting capacities up to 5,000 amps.
  • Utility Metered and Non-Metered options are available.
  • Walk-In & Non-Walk-In Enclosures.
  • Custom Configurations engineered to order.
  • Integration for all UL-listed circuit breakers or fusible switches.
  • Fully Integrated Transfer Switches, PLCs, Metering & Automation.
  • Custom Sheet Metal and Bus Fabrication.
  • Fully Rated Bus per density ratings.
  • UL 891 Rated up to 5,000A.
  • 100% Rated Silver Plated Copper Bus.
  • Voltage Compatibility up to 600 Vac or 250 Vdc.
  • 65 kAIC standard, with optional 100 or 200 kAIC available.

“With a focus on expedited delivery, BPP is your most reliable choice for highly tailored electrical distribution solutions, FAST.”

Why Choose Butcher Power Products?

Manufacturer of Trusted Brands

We produce custom UL 891 Low Voltage Switchboards and Switchgear using components from industry leaders like ABB, Siemens, Eaton, Schneider, and LS America. Our extensive inventory ensures we can avoid long lead times, providing faster delivery than anyone else in the market.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our ability to customize switchboards—including front and side cable connections, integrated controls, and other unique configurations—ensures compatibility with your specific project requirements. We offer utility metered and non-metered options in NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R configurations.

Commitment to Quality

The custom switchboard-building process at BPP starts with a comprehensive consultation. We delve into your electrical needs, load demands, and future expansion plans to create a tailored solution that optimizes energy distribution and ensures long-term sustainability.

Using advanced manufacturing technologies and top-quality components, we build switchboards that are not only safe and reliable but also user-friendly. We emphasize ease of maintenance and accessibility to help you manage your electrical systems efficiently.

Rigorous Testing

Throughout the project, we maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our rigorous quality control checks and thorough testing ensure that every switchboard meets the highest industry standards. This guarantees solutions that perform seamlessly, reducing downtime and operational disruptions.

Fast Delivery, Uncompromising Quality

Butcher Power Products’ UL 891 Low Voltage Switchboards and Switchgear are designed for durability and ease of installation and maintenance. By focusing on user experience, we ensure our switchboards deliver seamless performance, making them a valuable investment, even for urgent solutions. Our rigorous quality control and testing protocols guarantee that our electrical distribution solutions minimize downtime and operational disruptions for our clients.

UL 891 Low Voltage Switchboards and Switchgea

Choose BPP for innovative, safe, and reliable electrical distribution solutions delivered FAST. At Butcher Power Products, we don’t delay—we deliver.