What is a UL 891 Switchboard?

Butcher Power Products specializes in manufacturing UL891 Switchboards for projects that need power, FAST. By adhering to the UL891 standard, we ensure our switchboards meet all safety requirements and criteria, thereby providing peace of mind to users regarding their reliability and suitability for deployment in demanding environments.

Custom Butcher Power Products UL891 Switchboard

*Image of Butcher Power Products custom submittal drawing for UL891 Switchboard


So, what does that mean? What is a UL891 Switchboard? Let’s break it down…


What is “UL”?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, a well-respected independent safety science company renowned for testing and certifying products across various industries to ensure their safety, performance, and quality standards. 


What is UL 891? 

UL891 is the most common standard for switchboards, broadly recognized and applied in North America.  The UL891 standard specifically delineates the safety requirements for switchboards designed for industrial and commercial use. 

UL 891 covers dead-front switchboards, ie devices that do not have any live parts that are exposed on the front – rated at a maximum of 1,000 V. The UL 891 standard also covers switchboards that are meant to be used pursuant to the requirements in the following electrical codes:

  1. National Electrical Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70 (United States)
  2. Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CE Code, Part I)
  3. Mexican Standard for Electrical Installations (Utility), NOM-001-SEDE


What is a Switchboard?

A switchboard is a critical component in electrical distribution systems, designed to contain and safeguard various electrical elements such as circuit breakers, switches, bus bars, and other related components. These elements collectively manage the flow and distribution of electricity from the primary power source to different electrical loads within a building or facility. 

LS America Susol UL891 Switchboard

* Image of LS America Susol UL891 Switchboard Solution


How is a Switchboard certified? 

Certification of the UL 891 standard requires switchboards to undergo thorough testing and evaluation conducted by Underwriters Laboratories. This process involves subjecting the switchboard to a range of electrical and environmental conditions, including overload and short-circuit scenarios, as well as exposure to extreme weather, temperatures, and humidity. By undergoing such intense testing, switchboards can demonstrate their ability to withstand diverse operational conditions while maintaining safety and performance standards. Additionally, adherence to safety requirements such as proper grounding and electrical isolation is essential to ensure that the switchboard meets the necessary safety criteria outlined in the UL 891 standard. This rigorous certification process helps guarantee the reliability and safety of switchboards for industrial and commercial applications.


Why choose Butcher Power Products for your UL 891 Switchboard needs? 

Butcher Power Products manufactures UL 891 certified Switchboards from trusted names-brands (ABB, LS America, Eaton, GE) in a fraction of the time currently offered by factory direct and other OEM’s. 

With the fastest manufacturing cycles available in the industry, BPP cuts the factory lead-times of 50-80 weeks in HALF; with many solutions available in as little as 3-4 weeks. 


If you have time, you have options…if you need power FAST, BPP is your solution.

ABB Spectra Series, ABB Reliagear, ABB Jiffy III Group Mounted

*Image ABB Spectra Series, ABB Reliagear, ABB Jiffy III Group Mounted