Unraveling the Lead Time Delays in the Low Voltage Switchboard Market

The Low Voltage Switchboard Landscape:

Low Voltage Switchboards, crucial elements in electrical distribution systems, have experienced a significant uptick in demand within the electrical industry. This surge has brought along crushing lead time delays, posing a myriad of challenges for businesses across all sectors. At Butcher Power Products, our commitment lies in manufacturing solutions in a fraction of the time that Factory Direct can offer. Addressing these delays and offering viable electrical distribution solutions to alleviate these hurdles is our main focus. 


Understanding Low Voltage Switchboards:

Before we get into the reasons behind lead time delays, let’s lay down the groundwork by understanding Low Voltage Switchboards. These boards serve as vital components in electrical distribution systems, enabling the control and safeguarding of electrical equipment. Incorporating a combination of electrical disconnect switches, circuit breakers, and fuses, they hold a pivotal position in overseeing power distribution across commercial, industrial, and residential setups.


Butcher Power Products manufactures custom Low Voltage Switchboards adhering to the UL891 standard, we ensure our switchboards meet all safety requirements and criteria, thereby providing peace of mind to users regarding their reliability and suitability for deployment in demanding environments.  


BPP can customize switchboards to accommodate front and side cable connections, integrated controls, or other unique configurations which is invaluable for addressing the specific needs of different projects.




  • NEMA 1, NEMA 3R, NEMA 4X capacity up to 5,000amps
  • Utility Metered and Non Metered Available
  • Walk-in & Non-walk-In Enclosures
  • Custom configurations Engineered-to-order
  • Integration for All UL Listed Circuit Breakers or Fusible Switches
  • Fully Integrated Transfer Switches, PLCs, Metering & Automation
  • Custom Sheet Metal and Bus Fabrication
  • Fully Rated Bus Per Density Ratings
  • UL 891 Rated Through 5,000A
  • 100% Rated Silver Plated Copper Bus
  • Voltages up to 600 Vac or 250 Vdc compatibility.
  • 65 kAIC standard, optional 100 or 200 kAIC available


Low Voltage Switchboard MarketLow Voltage Switchboard


Driving Forces Behind Demand:

Several factors, such as the booming construction industry, growing interest in renewable energy sources, and the advancement of smart grid technologies propel the rising demand for Low Voltage Switchboards.


Disruptions in global supply chains have resulted in shortages of vital raw materials and components necessary for switchboard production. A significant contributor to lead time delays is the scarcity of key elements like copper, steel, and aluminum which have witnessed steep price hikes further disrupting the supply chain dynamics. The shortage of these essential materials has impeded manufacturers’ ability to keep pace with the escalating demand for low-voltage switchboards. 


Elevated Transportation Costs:

Transportation disruptions, stemming from the pandemic, have compounded lead time delays. Reduced freight capacity has driven up transportation costs substantially, rendering it economically burdensome for manufacturers to deliver their products to customers promptly.


Labor Scarcity:

The scarcity of skilled labor emerged as another critical bottleneck in the low-voltage switchboard market. Challenges in recruiting and retaining skilled workers, exacerbated by the pandemic, the retirement of seasoned professionals, and waning interest among younger generations in manufacturing, have throttled production capacities, further elongating lead times for mass production factories. 



Butcher Power Products emerged to address various challenges in the Low Voltage Switchboard market, including increased demand, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages. By tackling these issues directly, the company has boosted production capacity, streamlined supply chains, and enhanced workforce recruitment and retention. This has helped alleviate lead time delays caused by factors such as raw material shortages and transportation costs. With a commitment to a comprehensive approach, Butcher Power Products acknowledges that concerted efforts are essential to navigating obstacles and meeting evolving market demands seamlessly.



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